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Online review sites like TripAdvisor have been around for over a decade now. Unquestionably they have forced hoteliers to seriously focus on customer comments. Remember the days when paper comment cards were reviewed in the privacy of the GM’s office with action taken as s/he deemed necessary? Those were the days!

Today there is nowhere to hide. Transparency rules.

Every hotel is totally exposed through online review sites making every comment important.

The good news is that actions hoteliers are taking to provide an excellent guest experience can lead to even more good news. Good news that can spread beyond the management team circle, beyond the staff and even potential guests who will read them.

The Benefits of Being A Digital Leader vs. Laggard

A recent study conducted by McKinsey & Company shows companies at the forefront of using digital tools including social media to engage consumers along the purchase decision journey are gaining a significant advantage over their competitors. It’s the digital leaders vs.the digital laggards and the financial implications are enormous.

The study included data on 1,000 brands across a wide range of product categories covering 20,000 customer journeys and 100,000 touchpoints. Three not so surprising findings from the study include:

  1. More Channels = More Competition – With the proliferation of branding channels and messages comes increased competition for share of the consumer’s attention
  2. Consumers Are Taking Control- The impact of company branding messages and likelihood of conversion tends to decrease as consumers become more digitally adept, i.e.

Time for Hotels to Focus on Driving Direct Bookings

I’m sure you have already heard the news that Expedia is planning on buying Orbitz in a $1.34 billion deal. To read the Wall Street Journal’s take on situation, just click here.

What caught my eye was a line in the second paragraph which says the “deal is sure to spark grumbling from hotel and airline operators, who are wary of having even bigger companies standing between them and their customers.”

As a hotel operator I hope you are doing more than just grumbling. There has never been a better time for hotels to commit to driving significantly more direct bookings. Here are some actions that can be taken immediately.…

TripAdvisor Business Listings For Life?

While at first this may sound like a good thing, be careful what you wish for. Hoteliers really need to know the financial implications of the road ahead.

Last week we posted an article about how hotels have been hit with TripAdvisor sticker shock when it came time to renew their Business Listing. They are seeing renewal costs double and triple over what they paid the previous year. Have you budgeted for that?

No one knows how much TripAdvisor is planning on raising their costs in the years ahead. However some recent moves seem to be sending a clear signal that they want hotels to be subscribers for life – whether you like it or not.…

Caribbean Hotels Hit With TripAdvisor Sticker Shock

Hoteliers take note. If you haven’t renewed your TripAdvisor Business Listing lately hold on to your hats. Rates have gone up and in most cases substantially – like double what was paid last year.

Caribbean Marketplace is taking place in Puerto Rico this week. Several years ago, at Marketplace, the TripAdvisor Business Listing was introduced. Since many hoteliers signed up at that time they are being asked, or will soon be asked to renew with sizable increases in fee.

Hopefully there is money in your budget to cover the increase. The consequences for not renewing are substantial. In addition to going a year without direct links to your website, reservations email and phone number, the price of a “new” listing is significantly higher than the increased rate for renewal would be.…